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Youth Empowerment Studios

Stay Motivated LLC is a mindset coaching business founded by Diane Davis with the goal of empowering and inspiring the youth through positive affirmations, mindset awareness, and emotional well-being. We aim to serve as accountability partners and provide workshops that help young individuals develop a healthy emotional mindset, utilizing their minds as tools for personal growth and prosperity

Our mission at Stay Motivated LLC is encapsulated in our acronym MOTIVATED, which stands for “Motivation over time I value all that evolves daily.” We are dedicated to promoting motivation, personal development, and emotional well-being among young individuals, helping them realize their full potential and navigate the challenges they face with resilience and positivity

The vision of Stay Motivated LLC is to create awareness of the importance of a positive mindset from an early age, focusing on childhood development and bridging the gap in children’s literacy. We believe that by instilling positive values and encouraging a growth mindset in children, we can lay a strong foundation for their future success and well-being. By offering workshops and coaching services, we aim to equip the youth with the tools and skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives and make positive contributions to their communities.

New Jersey


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