Diane Davis

A talented and passionate author, Diane Davis has a penchant for writing children’s books for their young minds’ growth, development, and cultivation. Diane is also a motivational speaker, mindset coach, and youth mentor with an avid desire for writing and storytelling. Diane developed an affinity for writing from a young age which she has, over the years, molded to become a reputable children’s books author.

Passionate about the self-development of young people, Diane has worked with children of all stages in various capacities, especially as a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters as a youth mentor. She draws on her experiences to encourage, empower, and guide children and young adults into believing, trusting, and loving themselves unconditionally.

In her debut book, “The Motivation Queen,” Diane introduces her readers to the main character of the book Queen who, despite her new environment, challenges others to embrace the power of positivity and understanding other people. Her literary works capture her young readers with artistic writing that is simple, easily understandable, with a smooth flow, and a great style that gets readers hooked on her book.


When she’s not working on her upcoming projects, Diane loves nature traveling, cooking, soul food meals, gardening, and motivational speaking.

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