We are all going to be faced with challenges in life. What is important is how we overcome challenges . Without challenge there is no growth . 

That is the mission of my movement ( Stay Motivated ) to show people challenges are apart of life . There is no manual to life or even parenthood. As we grow we learn . There’s a blessing in every lesson , there’s a solution for every problem. The root to growth is , time and an open mind, It’s similar to planting a seed . With nurturing and proper care of oneself we flourish .

When you plant a seed , the flower doesn’t grow over night it grows over time .

How you nourish and care for mind ,body and a spirit determines your growth.

It’s up to you to determine your growth ! Always remember the root growth starts with is with Self and most importantly loving yourself

Nurture yourself . Love yourself . Take care of you 1st ! We will not always be motivated and when we are not remain disciplined !

I’m here to be the soft voice , I didn’t have throughout my darkest days .I am light, I am love and I am walking in my purpose ( inspiration).

I am the Motivation Queen

Diane Davis