Courage isn't the absence of fear but an urgent Impulse to Do something despite Fear -10x.
You Are Amazing ... Remember That.
If you rush it you'll ruin it. Be still. Believe. Be patient. Divine timing.
Keep Going.

The Motivation Queen


We are all going to be faced with challenges in life. What is important is how we overcome challenges . Without challenge there is no growth .

 That is the mission of my movement ( Stay Motivated ) to show people challenges are apart of life . There is no manual to life or even parenthood. As we grow we learn . There’s a blessing in every lesson , there’s a solution for every problem. The root to growth is , time and an open mind. It’s similar to planting a seed . With nurturing and proper care of oneself we flourish .

When you plant a seed , the flower doesn’t grow over night it grows over time . How you nourish and care for mind ,body and a spirit determines your growth.

It’s up to you to determine your growth ! Always remember the root growth starts with is with Self and most importantly loving yourself.

Nurture yourself . Love yourself . Take care of you 1st ! We will not always be motivated and when we are not remain disciplined !

I’m here to be the soft voice , I didn’t have throughout my darkest days .I am light, I am love and I am walking in my purpose (inspiration).

I am the Motivation Queen

Diane Davis

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